Technological Partners

  • America

    • Teknor Apex is a private company founded in 1924, whose headquarters are located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It is one of the biggest producers of garden hoses in the U.S. Its philosophy is to produce garden hoses able to satisfy all consumers needs. This strategy is pursued through a continuous market research and product innovation. Thanks to FITT®, Teknor Apex has solved the most important problem for customers: a hose with no kinks! NTS® Reflex Mesh patented technology has eliminated, indeed, problems with kinks and twists.

  • Japan

    • Toyox is the leading company, not only in Japan but also in the rest of Eastern Countries, in the production and distribution of PVC hoses, for technical and garden uses. Toyox was establihed in 1936 and, under its President Seeichi Nakanishi direction, has made research and constant innovation its strength, becoming, in a very short time, the reference point for all companies in this field. For a few years Toyox has been adopting the NTS® technology, both by producing machinery and distributing patented hoses, hence confirming its leadership, obtained thanks to FITT® technology. Toyox was the first company in the world to use NTS® patent in technical hose, reaching excellent results.