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The Garden hoses universe, at a first analysis, seems to be a simple world where, innovation and technology don’t play a critical role. Rather, hoses production cycle, is very complex, requiring a strong know-how of raw materials and production processes, together with a deep knowledge of the textile stitch. FITT®, constantly focusing on innovation and technology research, developing patents, has been able to create diversified solutions and high technology content products, able to face all the challenges, even the hardest ones.



    This was the first hose to be reinforced by arranging and weaving thin strands of polyester yarn over its entire surface. Braided hoses have the advantages of better pressure resistance and in fact they are heavily used in technical applications. However, braided reinforcement hose has a high level of rigidity and is particularly prone to constriction and bending.

    Advantages: Maximum pressure resistance without swelling up.

    Disadvantages: Rigid, poor malleability, very likely to constrict.

    FITT® manufactures: Tobby Green, Sun, Idrocolor, Idromat, Mimosa, Agrifort

    It has been the first garden hose. It is made from a single layer of transparent PVC with no textile or other reinforcement. Such hoses have almost disappeared in favour of reinforced hoses.

    completely inert, maximum malleability

    minimum pressure resistance

    FITT® manufacturers:
    Pastello, Aeternum, Supergel, Antigelo, Livelle