The Garden hoses universe, at a first analysis, seems to be a simple world where, innovation and technology don’t play a critical role. Rather, hoses production cycle, is very complex, requiring a strong know-how of raw materials and production processes, together with a deep knowledge of the textile stitch. FITT®, constantly focusing on innovation and technology research, developing patents, has been able to create diversified solutions and high technology content products, able to face all the challenges, even the hardest ones.



    The event of NTS® created a revolution in the hose sector.
    This type of stitch, which has been exclusively researched and developed by FITT, radically takes the problem of twisting, knotting and tangling. Its helicoidal structure completely counteracts the usual unrolling problems and so eliminates the obvious disadvantages of knitted hose while retaining its better qualities. The NTS® eliminates knotting entanglements and obstructions. The NTS® hoses roll and unroll easily from hose storage trolleys and reels making gardening tasks so much easier. However, NTS® hoses remain exceptionally malleable and make every garden operation easier.

    Advantages: doesn't twist, knot, or restrict the passage of water

    Disavantages: none

    FITT® manufacturers: NTS® Jeans, NTS® Tobby, NTS® Whiteplus, NTS® Flash, NTS® Wintech, NTS® Cora

    NTS® Plus patented technology - exclusively researched and developed by FITT®, with double helicoidal honeycomb stitch which guarantees an incredible pressure and dilation resistance of the hose, for an exceptional lasting, even in the most extreme conditions. NTS® Plus Masterpiece, the only professional garden hose, guarantees: no knots, no twisting, very easy to handle, total flexibility and only first quality raw materials.

    Advantages: total stability, no knots, no twisting, maximum malleability, no dilation, pressure resistance up to 50 bar.

    Disavantages: try to find one?

    FITT® manufacturers: NTS® Plus MASTERPIECE

    This development of the knitted hose was intended to reduce its obvious disadvantages. The development consists of adding an extra strand to the basic weave, running spirally for the length of the hose and positioned in the opposite direction to that of the weave to counteract for the effect of rotation. The spiral knitted hose behaves the same way as the knitted hoses because of its rigidity.

    Advantages: Reduced rotation

    Disadvantages: Rigidity, lack of malleability, folds and constrictions

    FITT® manufactures: Star Top

    In the knitted hoses, the reinforcement is made on special machines that apply layers of polyester reinforcement in evenly knitted loops parallel to the axis of the hose. In terms of malleability and elasticity, knitted hose is far more advanced than braided hose. However it is this high malleability that makes the knitted hose very difficult to be used. When using the knitted hose with sprinklers and other watering tools it is often necessary to secure the appliance to prevent it moving or being turned over by watering pressure.

    Advantages: improved malleability, high flexibility

    Disavantages: very likely to twist, form knots and tangles, difficult to coil and uncoil, low pressure resistance

    FITT® manufacturers: Top Mat, Flora

    The exclusive DTS® (Double Thick System) system, is a completely innovative technique, doubling the hose thickness on the two ends, conferring the product characteristics comparable to medium-high range hoses. Therefore the hose is ideal and safe for the use of automatic connectors, guaranteeing a watertight connection and a perfect tightness

    Design by FITT®: DTS®