FITT® is a company specialized in the manufacturing of flexible hoses for the consumer and professional market. FITT® branded range is made up of hoses for garden and products for many different professional applications. As supplier of innovative solutions for fluids passage, FITT® offers the market monolayer, braided and knitted hoses up to the development of patented technologies.

FITT® in figures

2014 turnover: 215,000,000 Euro
Workforce: 800
Area of facilities: 300,000 m2

Finished product:
100,000 tonnes/year
320,000,000 metres/year
Production plants: 7

  • 1969

    Rinaldo Mezzalira established Viplast, a company specialized in PVC production.
  • 1976

    Viplast became Fabbrica Italiana Tubi e Trafilati, FITT® S.p.A., specialized in hose manufacturing for several different applications.
  • 1993

    FITT® launches on the market the NTS® patent: the technology that revolutionizes the garden market and prevents knots and folds formation.
  • 1999

    A new reality of the company starts developing: FARAPLAN® from branch division becomes an indipendent organization that besides the production of finished product also produces PVC granules.
  • 2009

    40° anniversary from FITT® foundation: experience, high quality products, service to the clients are the secrets of such a big success.

    FITT® inaugurates the Logistics Centre of the Group. With a surface of 80.000 square metres (of which 27.000 square metres are covered) and a storage capacity of more than 60.000 pallet, the Group Logistics Centre is the first in Italy to adopt the Ultra High Frequency technology used until then only for military purposes. The interaction between the RF and the SAP System allows a totally automated management of the warehouse, guaranteeing a quick and efficient service without any possibility of mistake. In the same year the new plant for technical hose manufacturing is inaugurated in a area adjoining FITT® Logistics Centre. On a surface of 10.000 square metres with 12 lines of productions, a staff of 90 people produces an amount of 60 millions metres/year.
  • 2010

    FITT® develops Bios, the first eco-sustainable patented garden hose with rapidly renewable natural materials.
  • 2012

    At FITT® headquarter the new Knitting Center is developed. Thanks to the optimization of the production lines, the Center is able to guarantee an increased productive efficiency.
  • 2014

    FITT® celebrates the 45th anniversary of the foundation with the restyling of the company image. FITT® experience and know-how wear a new aesthetic thanks to a logo and a pay-off completely renewed.
  • 2015

    FITT presents YOYO to the market, the revolutionary expandable hose for water. Sturdy, practical and lightweight, YOYO is the patented hose that stretches and shrinks by itself, ideal for a wide range of applications.