• Irrigation hoses with knitted high tenacity textile reinforcement. The polyester reinforcement is woven with specifically manufactured machines, that produce a unique stitch, which results in a number of material chains that are parallel to the hose axis. Thanks to this characteristic these hoses appear particularly flexible and of a higher quality. Its frame allows greater flexibility, resistance to deflection is increased and its easy to use. The materials used for these hoses are completely devoid of cadmium and Barium.

  • Irrigation hoses with a high tenacity polyester textile reinforcement braid. Reliable with a good quality/price ratio. Suitable for all situations that require performance with resistance to high pressures too. The textile reinforcement allows the hose to support the pressure avoiding swelling. The textile reinforcement is also the characteristic that contributes to improve the hose performance. The braided hose have the principal advantage of maintaining intact its diameter in time, thus do not allow any swelling. The materials used for these hoses are completely devoid of cadmium and Barium.

  • In addition to the full range of hoses for domestic and professional irrigation, FITT® proposes a set of products that meet requirements for the garden irrigation. Hoses complete with fittings, lay flat hoses, suction kit.

  • The irrigation hoses produced with a monolayer without reinforcement. Ideal for all kind of use where resistance to pressure is not required. The materials used for these hoses are completely void of cadmium and barium.

  • Ideal solution for selling by meter, the coils allow to show a wide range of hoses and simplify the customer during the product individuation.