NTS Wintech

NTS Wintech


Soft, handy and easy to use garden hose thanks to the exclusive NTS® mesh preventing kinks and twists formation and allowing the hose a higher flexibility. Suitable for frequent use even for the most demanding gardener.

STRUCTURE: five layers hose with transparent bright yellow colour cover with two red stripes, NTS® textile reinforcement, white supporting layer, black anti-algae layer, white inner protection. External layer with special anti-UV composition to prevent the hose ageing.

For the watering set version, the hose is equipped with the new soft-touch fittings with Aquastop, for an ergonomic grip, with tap adaptor and lance.

Registered community design N.2068130.

Available also on 1/3 pallet display.

In compliance with the European Regulation Reg. (EU] 10/2011 for food liquids passage for simulant A.



  • Guarantee NTS
  • Flexible NTS
  • Robust NTS
  • Temperature NTS
  • No Algae NTS
  • Non Toxic NTS