• YOYOboasts a revolutionary composition and structure (patent registration application submitted). YOYO is produced using thermoplastic elastomers, free of both PVC and phthalates, making it a safe and high quality hose. Thanks to the use of ReacH-approved materials that comply with Food Contact Quality standards, YOYO is also suitable for contact with food. The multilayer structure with double textile reinforcement considerably enhances the quality of the product with respect to other extendable hoses currently available in the market, blending flexibility and softness with resistance and durability over time. The entire YOYO manufacturing process utilises machines specifically designed to manufacture this hose, which is entirely Made in Italy.

  • NTS® (No Torsion System) by FITT® is a unique technology in the market completely avoiding all the typical inconveniences of the "tricot" hoses, before considered the most advanced product. NTS® is a real revolution that consolidated FITT® technological leadership in the market. The NTS® system is characterized by an exclusive helicoidal stitch reinforcing the hose guaranteeing the absolute stability avoiding expansion, torsion, knots, folds under the pressure effect: always assuring regular water flow.

  • FITT® strengthens its leadership with an innovation that establishes a new quality standard in the PVC flexible hose sector. The NTS® Plus technology - FITT® exclusivity - is characterised by a double helicoidal stitch which guarantees an excellent resistance to pressure and hose expansion for a long lasting , even under the most difficult usage conditions.

  • The Microlights® Technology patented system gives the hose a sparkle effect thanks to the miniscule aluminium particles directly amalgamated into the PVC mixture making up the hose surface. By adjusting the size and percentage of the particles, it is possible to create a vast colour range and various degrees of sparkle.

  • An exclusive connection process guaranteeing the absolute tightness hose-fitting completely avoiding the possibility of damages or water leaks, giving continuity of surface avoiding the typical steps normally created when glue and clips are used. Thanks to the polyfusion technique, the hose Aspirflex® can vacuum water and liquids without any leak with total safety.