FITT® offers a wide range of products able to satisfy all market requirements. Hoses for gardening, building, nautical environments, DIY and special uses: for each application FITT® develops both standard and patented hoses. The Company, to fully meet the needs of its clients, offers a wide range of standard hoses from knitted to braided to monolayer hoses. Further FITT®, constantly committed to the development of innovative products, is able to offer the market exclusive patented hoses as the result of a continous technological research that confirms the company leadership in the field of PVC flexible hose. NTS®, NTS® Plus Masterpiece, DTS®, Microlights®, Bios®: these are some of the patents that transformed a commodity such as the irrigation hose into a highly technological product, deeply innovating the world of gardening. With HiFitt branded rangeFITT® offers the market a wide choice of flexible and spiral hoses for industrial and professional applications. Hoses for swimming pools, for industrial applications and for food liquids passage: these are some of the many applications of HiFitt patented technologies. With Barrierflex CDS® (Chlorine Defence System) and ATD® (Anti Termites Defence) FITT® offers to the world of swimming pools hoses protected by the threat of chlorinated waters and from every kind of insects. Thanks to the Phthalate Free technology, the Company introduces on the market an innovative formulation that replaces phthalates with alternative plastifiers compliant with the most stringent Directives concerning food safety.


  • FITT® is constantly engaged on R&D work to create products that deliver real benefits for the user and develop technologies and materials that protect the environment and human health. The NTS®, DTS®, Polyfusion and NTS® Plus Masterpiece are all Technological Products, examples of FITT®’s genuine capacity for innovation, which with many other groundbreaking articles have transformed the garden hose into a high-tech product, solving real problems in use and eliminating what were once viewed as inevitable defects.

  • An offering designed to meet all needs: the FITT® standard range includes hoses for watering gardens, for the construction sector, for marinas, for DIY and for special applications, with knitted, braided, special and monolayer hoses with a variety of technical and performance characteristics to cover the most widely varying demands.

  • FITT® produces a wide range of flexible and spiral tecnical hoses, HiFitt branded, for industrial and professional applications. FITT® experience and investments in innovation bring the Company to develop high quality products and technologies able to meet specific market needs.